Dessert Delivery for Restaurants in the Manhattan, NY, Area

Dolce Vero delivers the best of the dessert confectioner’s trade to your guests

Our full product line includes:

Tiramisu, Fresh Cannoli Cream and Shells, Italian Cheesecakes and a full line of Frozen Treats plus

Classic Old World & Traditional American Cakes, pre-cut for your convenience.

More than 80 products to choose from.

Delicious Time-Tested Recipes, And Premium Ingredients…

Sweet Dessert Diversity, smooth chocolate, creamy or frozen…

For Questions, Orders and Product Information…

Special Next Day Delivery

Dolce Vero Desserts, inc.

B R O O K L Y N ,    N E W  Y O R K

tel: 347.627.4660 • fax: 347.627.4659

email: DolceVeroNY@gmail.com


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